Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, throughout the past year, some of the information provided in the Gateway website may be outdated or changed. We are trying to resolve this for all organisations; apologies if you have been affected.

How can I access counselling?

Think Wellbeing St Helens has dedicated teams of psychological wellbeing practitioners, cognitive behavioural therapists and counsellors who offer a range of support. Referrals can be from GPs, Health Professionals or individuals can self refer. For more information see www.nwbh.nhs.uk/think-wellbeing-st-helens

Philippi Trust Counselling offer counselling covering a range of topics. For more information or a self referral form see www.philippitrust.com

Some local charities and voluntary groups also offer counselling related to specific issues such as:

  • Pregnancy/parenting: LIFE
  • Substance misuse: CGL
  • Rape and Sexual Abuse: RASASC
  • Women: Chrysalis Centre for Change
  • Young Men: CALM
  • Older People: Age UK
  • Debt: Christians Against Poverty
  • Qwell is an online counselling and wellbeing support platform for 26+ year olds.

    Kooth is an online counselling and wellbeing support platform for 11- 25 year olds.

    You can also have a look around some of the other FAQs relating to these specific issues, where you can also find details of local peer support groups, local informal drop-in sessions, national helplines and information sites.

    You can also access private counselling in St Helens by searching on the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy website or via the Counselling Directory.