How can I access counselling?

Think Wellbeing St Helens has dedicated teams of psychological wellbeing practitioners, cognitive behavioural therapists and counsellors who offer a range of support. Referrals can be from GPs, Health Professionals or individuals can self refer. For more information see

Philippi Trust Counselling offer counselling covering a range of topics. For more information or a self referral form see

Some local charities and voluntary groups also offer counselling related to specific issues such as:

  • Pregnancy/parenting: LIFE
  • Substance misuse: CGL
  • Rape and Sexual Abuse: RASASC
  • Women: Chrysalis Centre for Change
  • Young Men: CALM
  • Older People: Age UK
  • Debt: Christians Against Poverty
  • Qwell is an online counselling and wellbeing support platform for 26+ year olds.

    Kooth is an online counselling and wellbeing support platform for 11- 25 year olds.

    You can also have a look around some of the other FAQs relating to these specific issues, where you can also find details of local peer support groups, local informal drop-in sessions, national helplines and information sites.

    You can also access private counselling in St Helens by searching on the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy website or via the Counselling Directory.