How can a mental health problem be assessed? Do I need to see a doctor or GP to access mental health services?

To access NHS mental health services in St Helens you will need to contact the Open Mind Service (0800 183 0206) for an assessment – you can do this either yourself or through your doctor/GP. The Open Mind Service will make an initial assessment of your needs and then refer or signpost you on to the most appropriate service.

Many local charities and voluntary groups can be contacted directly to enquire about accessing services that they provide. However, some are funded by the NHS and/or St Helens Council and so you may need to be assessed by the Open Mind Service in order to access their services – it is best to check with each individual organisation (details are listed on each profile page on St Helens Gateway).

Many peer support groups can be accessed without the need for a referral from the Open Mind Service or a GP.