Where can I find help with overcoming drug addiction?

St Helens Intergrated Recovery Services, CCG provide a variety of services in St Helens for the treatment of alcohol addition. They operate a four-step process from initial access and assessment, therapies and interventions to suit each individual, leading through to recovery and reintegration into society. In addition to providing information, health assessments and testing, the St Helens Intergratef Recovery Services, CCG also run a number of support groups, peer-led activities, one-to-one work and counselling.

Narcotics Anonymous also hold a local support group in St Helens which encourages abstinence with other drug users wishing to end their addiction.

The Hope Centre offer a motivational recovery programme called ‘Equipped’ for those aiming towards abstinence from substance misuse. The course is designed to enhance the prospects of the individual and ensure that their transition to independence is successful.

More general information about drug use and effects can be found via FRANK (or 0800 77 66 00) and there is also further information about local services available through the Mental Health Directory. Inexcess are a Merseyside based charity with videos, blogs and stories from people who have recovered from alcohol and drug addiction.

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) is about supporting men, particularly those aged 15-35. It’s about giving you a break, a way of getting things off your chest and sorting your head out. If you’re going through a tough time and live on Merseyside then they could help you get back to enjoying your life. They provide a helpline (0800 58 58 58) and a website full of information, blogs and stories on issues relating to depression and suicide.

Another useful link is drug addiction stigma