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Where can I get tested for diabetes? Where can I find support if I do have diabetes?

Approximately 5% of people in St Helens have been diagnosed with diabetes, however many more could have diabetes without being diagnosed, especially linking in with obesity and old age.

If you are concerned that you may have diabetes you can get checked by contacting your GP, who may refer you on to the Diabetes Team at St Helens Hospital. Certain branches of Lloyds Pharmacy can also conduct free diabetes checks.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then Diabetes UK can help support you in a number of ways. Their telephone (0845 120 2960) or e-mail (careline@diabetes.org.uk) Careline can provide dedicated practical and emotional information/support about living with diabetes. They run socialising ‘care events’ (e.g. holidays and weekend breaks) for children and families affected by diabetes, an advocacy service, online support forums and they also have a presence in St Helens through a local support group that meets up eight times every year at St Helens Town Hall.

For further information about diabetes please also see websites at NHS Choices, Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.