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Where can I find further information about kidney problems?

Cheshire and Merseyside Kidney Care Network provides an overview of kidney services in the local area, as well as being a comprehensive resource of information, advice and education about kidney disease for patients, Carers and healthcare professionals.

The National Kidney Federation is the national kidney patient charity in the UK, and aims to promote the best renal medical practice and treatment, the health of persons suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or Established Renal Failure (ERF), and to support the needs of friends/relatives who care for kidney patients. Their helpline (call 0845 601 0209 or email helpline@kidney.org.uk) and website can provide information and advice such as dialysis away from base, dietary advice and support for carers. They also facilitate a regional Advocate, who can provide information and support, liaise with local kidney patient associations and represent patients’/Carers’ interests – for more information about this service please contact Dennis Crane on 0161 740 5550 or email dennis.crane2@virgin.net

There is also a North West region Kidney Patients’ Association support group that meet up on a regular basis. For more information about the group please contact Geoff Burgess at geoff.burgess@hotmail.co.uk