Where can I find housing or advice about housing options?

Housing Options and Advice, based in the Millennium Centre, have a team of people available to assist in finding the best housing solution for you, and can assist if you are looking:

  • For emergency accommodation
  • To rent from a private landlord

Housing Options and Advice can also offer advice on all matters relating to your housing circumstances, regardless of your tenure – this includes advice on tenancy rights and an advocacy service where officers from Housing Options provide direct advice and representation for you (e.g. in court).

The Council also provide a comprehensive collection of information on all housing matters on their website – this includes information on adapting/improving/repairing your home, benefits and grants, building control, council housing, council tax, homelessness, land, planning, right to buy and supported/sheltered housing.

Under One Roof was developed by St Helens Council, Helena Partnerships and other housing associations in St Helens. Helena Partnerships, Arena Housing and Riverside are full partners with Under One Roof and do not have a waiting list for their properties in the St Helens area. Under One Roof also works with other housing associations in St Helens who have agreed to advertise some of their properties through Under One Roof but do have waiting lists of their own, which you can apply to directly. Through Under One Roof you can bid for a home that is right for your needs and you have more choice about where you live. If you would like to become a member of Under One Roof you will need to complete an application form which can be found on their website, call 01744 63 63 63 or visit UOR TV to request an application form.