Where can I find emotional support as a Carer?

Being a Carer can be demanding and can place emotional strain on you, however there are people available that you can talk to. The Carer Support Team at St Helens Carers Centre are available to speak with over the phone or in person, and you can discuss your thoughts and feelings in confidence. The Carers Centre also facilitate a number of general support groups (see below) and they can also provide relaxation therapies and massages.

  • Billinge and Garswood (Foresters Arms) first Tuesday of the month at 1pm
  • Haydock (St James Church) first Tuesday of the month at 1.15pm
  • Kershaw (Kershaw Day Centre) second Thursday of the month at 1.30pm
  • Newton (Crownway Centre) second Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm
  • Rainford (Guide House) first Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm and (Tea Rooms) third Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm
  • Windle Pilkington (Millennium Centre) first and third Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm

The support groups and services listed above are for general Carers. There are also specific support groups and services for Carers of people with mental health problems (e.g. Mental Health Carers), disabilities (e.g. Connect), dementia (e.g. ‘Making Sense’ support group) and young Carers (e.g. Young Carers) – please see the related questions below for further information.

Crossroads Care is Britain’s leading provider of support for Carers and the people they care for. They work with over 41,000 individuals and their families, helping Carers make a life of their own outside caring.

Carers UK have an online forum for members to support each other.