What is a Carer’s Assessment and do I need one?

A Carer can be defined as anyone whose life is in some way affected because of the need to take responsibility for the care of a person who has a mental health problem, a learning disability, is physically disabled, elderly, frail or whose health is impaired.

If you are providing regular and substantial care for someone you are entitled to be assessed by St Helens Council to see how you can be supported. This could include financial support, emotional support, support to stay/return to work, demands on your time, looking after yourself (physically and emotionally) and taking a break (leisure/relaxation).

To request a Carer’s Assessment you can call the St Helens Council Contact Centre on 01744 676 789.

Alternatively, the Carer Support Team (01744 675 615) at St Helens Carers can talk you through any issues or questions that you might have, and refer you on to Adult Social Care and Health at the Council for you. The Carer Support Team can also tell you how to arrange your own services independently, and provide information about service providers.

Crossroads Care is Britain’s leading provider of support for Carers and the people they care for. They work with over 41,000 individuals and their families, helping Carers make a life of their own outside caring.

Carers Direct (0808 802 0202) and Carers UK (0808 808 7777) can also provide free, confidential information and advice about all practical and emotional aspects to being a Carer.

n.b. if you have parental responsibility for a disabled child, your needs as a Carer will be assessed as part of a Family Needs Assessment.