Where can I find information and support around pregnancy/family planning?

The LIFE charity supports pregnant mothers and families (both women and men) through difficult times, offering them the help that they need to turn their lives around. Their base in St Helens on North John Street can offer free, confidential information, counselling and support for women contemplating abortion, suffering after pregnancy loss or struggling to cope after abortion. LIFE can also provide financial and practical help and support before and after birth, and help obtaining baby clothing and equipment. You can also talk to someone in confidence via LIFE’s national helpline (0800 915 4600).

bpas operate a consultation centre in the GUM Clinic at St Helens Hospital, offering non-directive and impartial counselling for unplanned pregnancy and abortion treatment. They also have a 24 hour national helpline (0845 730 4030) that offers advice and assistance to females and males.

Pregnancy testing is available at LIFE, Community Sexual Health Clinics, TAZ and through your GP, and further information about pregnancy can also be found through Get It On.