Are there any classes or activities to help my family get physically fitter?

The Health Improvement Team have lots of programmes that can help children and families get fit and healthy across St Helens. These include walking clubs, community activity programmes and jogging clubs. They also run separate ‘Fit 4 Life’ programmes for families with children aged 2-6 and 4-13:

  • Families with children aged 2-6 (Early Years): Course consists of four weekly one hour parent/Carer sessions whilst the children are in the crèche, then the children will join in afterwards for half an hour for a healthy snack and some active play together as a family.
  • Families with children aged 4-13: Course consists of six weekly 1½ hour sessions with activities and education that helps children, young people and families to exercise regularly and eat a nutritionally balanced diet

Family fitness classes and activities are also advertised via the regional Kids Guide website.