What does ‘be active’ mean and how can it help improve my wellbeing?

Being physically active and eating well is one of the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ *

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean vigorous exercise as even gentle exercise can release endorphins which improve physical health and can give a sense of achievement. Being active also takes into account eating a healthy and balanced diet. Examples of being active include:

  • Going for a walk/jog
  • Swimming at the local pool
  • Taking up dancing
  • Having a bicycle ride
  • Playing a sport
  • Doing the garden
  • Trying a fitness class
  • Going to the gym

Organisations in St Helens that provide opportunities to be active include…

  • The Wellbeing Project
  • Community Centres
  • Health Improvement Team
  • Go:Active Leisure Centres
  • Age UK

* source: Foresight Project Mental Capacity and Wellbeing (2008)