What support is there for adults with autism or Asperger’s?

Autism & Aspergers Union is a local social group for adults that meet up on a weekly basis at the Millennium Centre in St Helens. The group aims to help people make friends and have discussions around how to live independently and how to secure employment. They also run skills and training programmes on a regular basis.

Autism Initiatives UK is a national charity that run community & independent living, outreach support, social groups and day opportunities. Their head office is in Liverpool and services are available throughout Merseyside.

The National Autistic Society has an online services directory and a help-line (0808 800 4104) that can provide general information and support about living with autism and Asperger’s. They have an online forum to make friends with peers, and the nearest local branch is located in Warrington.

MeCycle is a regional initiative that offers work placements to volunteers who have autism.

Other useful resources include Autism Independent UK and the Asperger’s Syndrome Foundation, whose websites contains information and answers to frequently asked questions.

For parents/Carers of people with autism/Asperger’s please see the relevant FAQ below.