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World Health 10 October 2017Posted Tuesday 10th October 2017

World Mental Health month long campaign event on Tuesday 10th October 2017

As part of the World Mental Health month long campaign, St Helens World Health day on Tuesday 10th October 2017, sees the Mayor and Mayoress and Cllr Neal (Public Health Well Being Portfolio Lead) arrival in Church Square at 12pm to offer their support.

There will be a photo opportunity and St Helens Star will be undertaking a Live interview with Cllr Neal regarding mental health and the importance of coming forward to seek help.

The Aim of the event is to engage with St Helens residence letting them know it is mental health awareness day, encouraging people to talk more openly about mental health and suicide and most importantly letting them know what services are available in St Helens to keep them well mentally.

Services that provide support in times of crisis are of the up most importance however we want to prevent people from reaching crisis point. We can do this by encouraging people to think of their mental health in the same way they do their physical health encouraging them to take part in activities and hobbies which help them to feel good and cope well especially when times get tough.


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