Stroke Association


We are the UK’s leading charity dedicated to conquering stroke. We deliver stroke services across the UK, campaign for better stroke care, invest in research and fundraise to expand our reach to as many stroke survivors as possible.

St Helens Stroke Recovery Service provides high quality information, practical advice and emotional support following a stroke. Whether you are a stroke survivor, carer or family member, we will begin working with you after a stroke. We will continue to provide the support you need, both at home and in the wider community.

This service offers:

  • Coordinated support throughout your stroke journey
  • Home visits
  • Leaflets, factsheets and information about Life after Stroke Grants and benefits
  • Help with returning to work
  • Assistance with accessing local leisure and social activities
  • Support for carers, and links to other organisations and networks.

    Who is the service for?

    This service is for stroke survivors (including TIAs/mini-strokes) of any age, and families and carers of people affected by stroke, living in St Helens.

  • Services

    The St Helens Stroke Recovery Service helps you and your family prepare for the changes which happen because of a stroke, with information about stroke, practical advice and emotional support. This may include practical tips on daily living, support in applying for benefits, counselling and signposting to other services We also offer support which helps you with aphasia following a stroke. The coordinators and volunteers work with you to help build your confidence and provide the best possible chance for recovery.

    Peer Support Group which helps you to adjust to life after stroke by offering a fortnightly support group that offers activities and information, based around group members’ suggestions. Activities may include guest speakers, quizzes and tai chi.

    Allotment project which is volunteer led and operates in the Spring-Autumn months

    My Stroke Guide gives you free access to trusted information about different types of stroke, risk factors and secondary conditions, as well as advice on prevention and improving your own health. You can find practical tools and over 200 videos, to help you to understand stroke and manage its effects. This includes a dedicated section for family and friends which provides information on the impact of stroke and advice about supporting loved ones.

    Our online community connects you to thousands of others so you can share stories and tips, and find out how they manage recovery. My Stroke Guide can help support recovery, no matter where you live, 24/7.

    How to Access

    Local services are for people registered with a St Helens GP Practice in the postcodes: WA5, WA9, WA10, WA12, L34, L35, WN4 and WN5.
    For further information contact Marie Powner (Stroke Recovery Support Service Coordinator) at or Vicky Thomson (Stroke Recovery Support Service Coordinator) at or call the office on 01744 646 160.

    The National helpline number is: 0303 3033 100 or email

    Type of Organisation

    National health charity (no.211015) with local offices


    Head Office- Northampton Resource Centre
    1 Sterling Business Park
    Salthouse Road
    NN4 7EX