Information, Advice & Support (St Helens IASS)


St Helens Information Advice and Support Service (IASS) is a statutory service that was formally known as the Parent Partnership Service.

St Helens IASS provides impartial and confidential information, advice and support to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their parents.  The service covers all aspects of Education, Social Care and Health related to SEND.

A child/young person does not need a formal diagnosis; we can help if you feel there is a Special Educational Need.

St Helens IASS offers information, advice and support both before and after a child or young person has began the process for an Education, Health Care (EHC) Plan and to people that receive support without a Statement or EHC Plan.

Office open Monday – Friday, 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Elaine Pilling – Administrative Officer

Beverly Ellis – Service Manager / St. Helens IASS Coordinator.


Education, Health and Care Plans – Specific Support

St Helens IASS can talk you through the steps of the EHC needs assessment process and answer any questions you may have.  It can also support you through the process by offering appointments to review your contributions to the EHC needs assessment.

We can offer information, advice and support around what to do if you are not satisfied with a decision made about whether to carry an EHC needs assessment or decisions made during/after the assessment process.  This could include supporting you in discussions with the Local Authority or taking your case to the SEND Tribunal.

How to Access

Who can refer? Self, Parents or Family

Age Range: Children and young people 0-25 years and their parents.

What is the eligibility criteria?  Ideally, due to our impartiality and confidentiality policies, we prefer to receive self-referrals directly from parents, however we accept that there are situations where it may be more convenient/appropriate for a professional to refer to our service.  In this instance, we will only accept contact details from a professional once it is confirmed that they have spoken to the client and gained permission to do so.

Who provides/funds your service? – The Local Authority

Are children/young people/parents charged for your service? – No

Feedback and complaints procedure: – Complaints should be passed forward to the Co-ordinator Beverly Ellis.

For further information about meetings please phone 01744 673428

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Type of Organisation

Statutory (St Helens Council)