School Health Nurses


Weekly confidential drop in at secondary schools and termly at primary schools. Support for initial concerns regarding low mood, thoughts of self-harm, concerns regarding bullying, weight issues. School nurse will devise a plan and or referrals made and ask to follow a young person up each week. During lockdown – school nurses have been telephoning young people. Referral from school – SN will arrange to see the young person

How to Access

Who can access?

At secondary schools, drop is available for all school children. Primary school drop ins are for parents/ carers to access

How can you access?

Drop ins are advertised by the school for young people/ parents/ carers to attend. Schools have School Nurse referral form if they require support from the school health service

Mental Health Role- Education and support for 0-19 practitioners when working with children, YP and parents that with emotional/ mental health concerns.
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BMH Role – Emotional resilience for children identified as needing additional support by school.
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Who can refer?

Self-referral and Professional referral