Rehab 4 Addiction


A website that offers guidance and support for people experiencing problems with substance misuse and co-occurring mental health problems in St Helens.
People in St Helens can benefit from the information and guidance we publish on our website. We are somewhat similar to websites like Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcohol Concern, and Talk to Frank,


We can offer immediate access to quality rehabilitation centres in literally any corner of the United Kingdom. Finding the right rehabilitation centre is not as simple as you might think. If you search the internet for a ‘rehabilitation centre’ the number of options is vast and often confusing. And since your budget is a factor in your choice of rehabilitation centre you may give up before you even begin to round the number of options down to a manageable number. Our admissions team will work within the confines of your budget, ensuring you select the most appropriate rehabilitation centre for your specific addiction.

How to Access

Please follow the steps through our website or give us a call.