NHS Mental Health services


Adult mental health services available in St Helens are for all people over the age of 18 years, under 18 year olds would still be seen by CAMHS (Child and Adult Mental Health Services), people with cognitive deficits (i.e. memory issues) can be referred to LLAMS (Later Life and Memory Services) providing the symptoms are isolated and not related to symptoms also evident in depression/anxiety.

All people deemed to require assessment for secondary mental health services will come through the St Helens & Knowsley Assessment Team (this is now a 24 hour service), however there remains the option that a person who is 18 – 35 years and is presenting as psychotic for the first time can be referred directly to the Early Intervention Team.  Referrals will be accepted from most sources providing the person to be assessed has given consent for the referral to be made.

A person in crisis that is not currently open to secondary services should initially attempt to see their GP, or if out of hours contact the Assessment Team.  There is an A&E Liaison Team based in Whiston Hospital who will assess people that present to A&E in an emergency, however, people should first attempt to see their GP or speak to the Assessment Team before presenting to Whiston Hospital.

Referrals to the St Helens Recovery Team and Home Treatment Team will require an initial assessment through the Assessment Team, the Assessment Team can also brief interventions such as offer appointments to see a Consultant Psychiatrist, extended assessments with a Senior Nurse Practitioner and are currently working to implement group therapy sessions as another form of brief intervention. – please also see our pages for mental health services for children (under 18) and older people (over 65).


  • Open Mind,The Primary Care Mental Health Team assess and provide services for people presenting with mild to moderate issues such as anxiety, OCD, phobias and depression
  • Early Intervention Scheme team works with people with suspected psychosis and/or drug/alcohol issues
  • The Home Treatment team provides treatment for a person at home to prevent a hospital admission, they will also see people at home that have recently been discharged from a mental health ward.  Those people that are in a crisis and under the Recovery Team will be referred to the Home Treatment Team.
  • The St Helens Recovery Team can provide several services including Psychological therapies, an allocated care co-ordinator (previously called CPN’s), a recovery college (group sessions and therapies) as well as out-patient appointments with a Consultant Psychiatrist.

How to Access

Access into all NHS Mental Health Services should be made via a self-referral to the Open Mind Service (0800 183 0206) or by a health professional (GP, Social Worker etc)

The Assessment Team can be contacted on 0151 676 5263.


  • 0151 676 5263