NHS Mental Health services


Adult mental health services available in St Helens are for all people over the age 18 years old. Under 18 years old would be seen by CAMHS (Child and adult Mental Health Services).

To help you to manage mild to moderate symptoms of mental ill-health make an appointment to see your GP. He or she will be happy to work with you.

All people deemed to require assessment for secondary mental health services will come through St Helens and Knowsley Assessment Team. The Assessment Team provides specialist assessment, advice and signposting for adults with moderate to severe symptoms of mental illness such as severe depression and anxiety, as well as conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The team is there to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your GP can make a referral to the Assessment Team on your behalf. If it isn’t practical to speak to your GP first, you can contact them directly if you need urgent help on 01744 621 688.

A person in crisis that is not currently open to secondary services should initially attempt to see their GP, or if out of hours contact the Assessment Team 01744 621688. There is also a 24/7 out of hours support number 0151 478 7587. A&E Liaison Services work within Whiston Hospital to support patients with mental health problems, however, people should first attempt to see their GP or speak to the assessment Team before presenting to Whiston Hospital.
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Further information on NHS Mental Health Services can be found on www.nwbh.nhs.uk

See also sthelensgov.uk page for sources of support for Mental Health and Wellbeing


Mindsmatter, the Primary Care Mental Health Team assess and provide services for people presenting with mild to moderate issues such as anxiety, OCD, phobias and depression. Self referral can be made via telephone on 01744 647100 or online at www.lancashirecare.nhs.uk/Mindsmatter

Early Intervention in Psychosis Team, Knowsley and St Helens- provide an early intervention in psychosis service for people age 14 to 65. The service is for people experiencing a first episode of psychosis. Accessing the service can be via GP referral, or if you need to contact the service directly the contact number is 01744 621688.

Home Treatment Team, St Helens- provides intensive home support for adults with mental health problems to support them to manage their conditions in a community setting and prevent readmission to hospital. Referral to the Home Treatment Team needs to be via a professional such as someone from the Assessment Team or your local mental health service inpatient service.

Recovery Team, St Helens- provides community based services for adults with mental health services. The service is for adults with long term mental health needs that would be best met by secondary mental health services. To access the service your GP can make a referral to your local Assessment Team on your behalf who can refer to the Recovery Team.

Memory Assessment and Treatment Services, St Helens- support people with memory problems like dementia, providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment. They support people of all ages with a diagnosis of dementia. If you are a carer of someone with memory problems or dementia, they can also provide support and advice. If you are worried about your memory, make an appointment to see your GP who can refer to the service if appropriate.

How to Access

Queries regarding NHS Mental Health Services can be made to:
North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Hollins Park House
Hollins Lane

01925 664 000