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Children and young people specific bereavement and domestic violence support. Both services also have access to an Emotional Youth Club which can be accessed by individuals during and after their treatment:

Butterflies – offers group counselling for children and young people affected by bereavement or other forms of loss (such as divorce and family separation), including Primary or Secondary school aged specific groups. 1:1 Therapy is offered and this can also be provided virtually.

Titanium – offers therapy, training, support, advice and guidance to Children we Look After (CLA) and edge of care children, and their family units, with a history of domestic abuse and/or violence. The aims include addressing previous trauma and adverse childhood experiences, whilst also providing support for their foster carers and families. 

How to Access

Who can access?

Aged 17 and under (with the exception of those with SEND where the criteria will extend 0-25 years)

How can you access?

To make a new referral, complete a simple online form at:

To make a referral to Titanium Service please email [email protected] who will then advise you on the information required and the easiest way to provide it.

For advice on making a referral, please email [email protected]

Who can refer?

Self-referral and Professional referral

Type of Organisation

Young People Mental Health Services