Creative Alternatives


Creative Alternatives is an award-winning arts and wellbeing programme for people living in St.Helens experiencing mild to moderate stress, anxiety and/or depression.

Creative Alternatives offers a FREE programme of expressive visual arts and creative writing activities that aim to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing by:

  • Reducing social isolation and promoting resilience
  • Improving communication skills, social confidence and self-esteem
  • Increasing motivation and encouraging regular participation in a group activity
  • Developing personal creativity and arts engagement
  • Acting as a therapeutic distraction from everyday worries through meaningful and purposeful activity
  • Whilst creativity is at the heart of what we do the emphasis is on enjoying yourself, meeting new people and having some time to relax.

    Once referred on to the Creative Alternatives programme you can take part in aweekly group for up to 12 weeks. Our workshops are led by trained artists who will support and guide you through a creative process using a variety of artistic techniques, creating a relaxing space with friendly faces and a time that’s just about you.

    Creative activities can include a combination of: creative writing, drawing,woodwork, painting and sculpture

    You can take part in Creative Alternatives if you are:

  • Aged 18+
  • Living or accessing healthcare in St.Helens
  • Experiencing mild-moderate stress, depression and/or anxiety
  • Keen to improve your wellbeing and feel able can make a regular
    commitment to a weekly group
  • Prepared to attend the workshops independently and work within a
    group setting.

    Creative Alternatives is funded through St.Helens Council’s Public Health Service and forms part of the Cultural Hubs – Arts in Libraries Project.

  • Services

  • FREE programme of arts and wellbeing activities for people experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, depression &/or stress
  • In addition to the core programme, we also offer a social strand where clients can attend organised events by Cultural Hubs-Arts in Libraries Programme in St.Helens.
  • Creative Alternatives clients can also have access to bi-monthly mindfulness workshops run by a trained mindfulness teacher.
  • How to Access

    You can either refer yourself or ask a health or social care professional to refer you in to our service. For more details please contact: Helen Holden, Project Coordinator on

    07745 590 698 or email [email protected]

    The project team work part-time during the week and hours can vary but generally are available to speak to anyone interested in the service of a Monday, Thursday and Friday.
    Current groups take place on a Thursday afternoon and a Friday morning on set dates throughout the year.

    We are also offering a group just for men that will take place in the spring 2019 (dates tbc)

    Type of Organisation

    Cultural Alternatives - Art


    Chester Lane Library, C/O Owen Hutchings, Four Acre Lane, St.Helens, WA9 4DE