What does ‘take notice’ mean and how can it help improve my wellbeing?

Taking notice of the world around you is one of the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ *

Taking notice and being aware of the world around you enhances your understanding and helps to reaffirm your values and what matters to you – recognise, appreciate, savour and reflect on everyday moments. Examples of taking notice may include:

  • Noticing the beauty of nature
  • Recording your thoughts and feelings
  • Appreciating a piece of art, culture or architecture
  • Valuing time spent with others
  • Savouring something you really enjoy e.g. food, sport or a special occasion

Suggestions for things to ‘take notice’ of and appreciate in St Helens include:

  • Billinge Hill
  • Carr Mill Dam
  • Citadel Arts Centre
  • Dream
  • Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery
  • Haydock Park
  • Inglenook Lavender Farm
  • Langtree Park (Home of Saints RLFC)
  • Mash Gallery
  • Northwest Museum of Road Transport
  • St Helens Theatre Royal
  • World of Glass

There are also many fine parks, pubs/restaurants, golf courses, listed buildings and areas of natural beauty to explore – check out www.visitsthelens.com for further information.

* source: Foresight Project Mental Capacity and Wellbeing (2008)