Where can I find adult education courses or classes?

Adult and Community Learning (part of St Helens Council) offer a variety of different adult education courses in various locations across St Helens including first aid, english, maths and introduction to computers – click here for further details.

1. St Helens College offer a whole variety of qualifications (entry level, GCSEs, NVQs, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters etc) in a variety of different subjects. If you are unsure about which course or level to choose you can have an informal chat with a Guidance Adviser – you can drop into Student Services at the town centre campus or make an appointment by calling 0800 99 669 or by emailing enquire@sthelens.ac.uk

2. The various Community Centres across St Helens also offer formal and informal adult education courses and learning opportunities.

3. On a national level you can also use the ”National Careers Services” nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/advice/courses/pages/advsearch.aspx website to search for courses and providers.