Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, throughout the past year, some of the information provided in the Gateway website may be outdated or changed. We are trying to resolve this for all organisations; apologies if you have been affected.

Where can I find adult education courses or classes?

Adult and Community Learning (part of St Helens Council) offer a variety of different adult education courses in various locations across St Helens including first aid, english, maths and introduction to computers. For further information visit their Facebook page. Telephone: 01744 677315 or email adultlearning@sthelens.gov.uk

    St Helens College offer a whole variety of qualifications (entry level, GCSEs, NVQs, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters etc) in a variety of different subjects. If you are unsure about which course or level to choose you can have an informal chat with a Guidance Adviser – you can drop into Student Services at the town centre campus or make an appointment by calling 0800 99 669 or by emailing enquire@sthelens.ac.uk
    The various Community Centres across St Helens also offer formal and informal adult education courses and learning opportunities.
    On a national level you can also use the National Careers Service