What does ‘give’ mean and how can it help improve my wellbeing?

Giving back to other people is one of the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ *

Giving means doing something nice for someone else – helping others can give you a sense of satisfaction and helps to enhance your relationships with others; they may even return the favour at a later date! Examples of giving may include:

  • Volunteering for a charity or at an event
  • Doing a chore for a friend, family member or neighbour
  • Joining a community group to help others
  • Treating someone to a drink, a treat or a gift
  • Passing on your knowledge and skills to someone else
  • Donating unwanted products to others

St Helens Volunteer Centre assists people in finding local volunteering opportunities. There are loads of benefits of volunteering and hundreds of different flexible opportunities available in St Helens.

The Rotary Club of St Helens is a local group of people who volunteer their time and meet up on a regular basis to help organise events and projects that help the local community.

The Friends of Griffin Wood, established in 2007, is a community group of volunteers who work to celebrate and care for Griffin Wood, to the south of St Helens. The group have previously held tree/bulb planting events, helped build a bird hide and sown wildflower seeds.

* source: Foresight Project Mental Capacity and Wellbeing (2008)