I am an older person feeling isolated – what opportunities are there to socialise or meet new people?

Age UK run a befriending/telephone service that offers support and companionship to older people who are socially isolated and are in need of friendship. A volunteer can provide regular visiting and/or telephone calls and also help access other services (e.g. bringing books from the library).

‘Live Wires’ (provided by Independent Age) is a free telephone-based club allowing older people to get together over the phone to discuss books, films or just general chat. A Live Wires club involves reading a book, watching a film or listening to a radio extract (DVDs and books are posted out in advance, free of charge) and then every six or seven weeks the entire group will have a discussion about it over the phone at the same time. All you need is a landline/mobile phone and means that you can talk to new people and learn new things, all without leaving your home.

Attending activities at Community Centres, Day Centres, physical exercise classes, learning opportunities or getting involved with the St Helens Senior Voice Forum are also other great ways to meet new people (see links below).

Independent Age have also produced a free publication called ‘Wise Guide’, that offers live-improving advice for people aged over 65 across a whole range of topics including keeping in touch – click here to order a copy.