What advocacy services are available for disabled people in St Helens?

St Helens Coalition of Disabled People offer a free and confidential advocacy service to provide support, guidance representation and information for people with learning disabilities or physical disabilities.

The Deafness Resource Centre in St Helens also have an advocacy service for deaf people, and people with sensory or physical disabilities. On a national level, the British Deaf Association and the Royal Association for Deaf People also offer advocacy services.

Radar (Royal Association for Disability Rights) is the UK’s largest disability rights campaigning network, and Disability Awareness in Action can provide useful information on rights including previous cases affecting disabled people.

Finally, some specific disabilities have charities that provide a specialist advocacy service in that area – for example the Macular Disease Society, Ataxia UK and the Spinal Injuries Association. If you have a specific medical disability like this then it may be worth checking with the leading charity in that area to see if they can offer any further assistance.